DESIGNerd 100+ Trivia—The App!

Design Montage are huge fans of the thoughtful and exceptional work of Kevin Finn, so we weren’t surprised to hear that Kevin has been planning an app for his DESIGNerd 100+ Trivia Series.

On the cusp of presenting at September’s Sex, Drugs & Helvetica conference, Kevin has already gathered many delightful quotes and feedback from the design community on the new app. The DESIGNerd 100+ trivia series app celebrates design enthusiasts. It’s for those who love design—its history and its quirky facts. It’s for those who are curious to find out what some of their favourite designers think is important or cool to know.

“OMG!! I LOVE IT!! I’m addicted”—Debbie Millman

“Finally a game that I know some of the answers to! Very cool and highly addictive”—Vince Frost


“DESIGNerd really tested my knowledge on graphic design. Perfect for every design nerd out there”—Ji Lee

How do I get it?

Currently, 100+ is exclusively available through the iTunes App Store. Finn’s Volume 1 is FREE, and the SERIES includes all three volumes.

In playing the other DESIGNerd volumes Stefan Sagmeister and Steven Heller had this to say:

Try the free version:

100+ FREE:

Or purchase the series for $2.49

100+ SERIES:

“Brilliant! I had to ween myself away from playing…”
—Stefan Sagmeister

“DESIGNerd is such a great way to learn design history—and a reminder of what you thought you already knew.”
—Steven Heller

Written by Jenica Smith

Passionate about storytelling, design and creativity, Jenica is a Brisbane-based digital designer and founder of Design Montage. Follow on twitter.